2017-2018 WAG Competition Schedule

Compulsory & Invitational Schedule
Optional Provincial Schedule

Gemini Feb 16-18
Cambridge March 9-11
London April 20-22 

Twisters Nov 25-26
Milton Jan 20-21
Futures Feb 9-11

2017-2018 WAG Team

Level 6-10 Qualifier 
 Ava G 
Level 8

 Natalie M 
Level 8

 Ava F
Level 6

 Aliya S
Level 6

Think Pink Qualifier:
Vault 8th, Uneven Bars 4th, Balance Beam 9th, Floor 8th, Overall 9th 

Bring on the Sun
Vault 7th, Uneven Bars 8th, Balance Beam 10th, Floor 9th, Overall 8th 
Bring on the Sun
Vault 14th, Uneven Bars 11th, Balance Beam 14th, Floor 13th, Overall 14th 
Think Pink Qualifier:
Vault 2nd, Uneven Bars 1st, Balance Beam 1st, Floor 2nd, Overall 1st 

Milton Springer Qualifier
Vault 11th, Uneven Bars 4th, Balance Beam 5th, Floor 7th, Overall 4th 

Bring on the Sun
Vault 3rd, Uneven Bars 1st,  Balance Beam 1st, Floor 1st, Overall 1st 
Think Pink Qualifier:
Vault 8th, Uneven Bars 5th, Balance Beam 7th, Floor 8th, Overall 8th 

Milton Springer Qualifier
Vault 4th, Uneven Bars 4th, Balance Beam 6th, Floor 4th, Overall 5th 

Bring on the Sun
Vault 10th, Uneven Bars 2nd, Balance Beam 10th, Floor 10th, Overall 9th 

2016-2017 Competition season 

Congratulations to our 3-5 Champions
Tied 3rd Place Level 3 Team 
Riley Keenan: 5th Place Uneven Bars
Lily Miller: 2nd Place Vault
Hannah Krease: 4th place Floor, 8th Place Balance Beam
Zoey Hawco: 2nd Place Vault, 4th Place Balance Beam, 3rd Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!
Chloe Lukezich: 5th Place Balance Beam
Jessica Pasca: 2nd Place Uneven Bars, 6th Place Floor, 4th Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!
Grace Baillargeon: 2nd Place Uneven Bars
Brianna Annion: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place Uneven Bars, 3rd Place Balance Beam, 4th Place Floor, 1st Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!
Brooke Harding: 8th Place Vault, 4th Place Floor, 6th Place Balance Beam, 4th Place Floor, 4th Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!

Congratulations to all of our athletes that attended Championships!