Aisha has been a member of the CKGC staff since 2014, although her experience here dates back to 1993 when she began as an athlete in the KinderGym program, training here for the majority of her national and international career as a member of Canada’s National Team.  She went on to earn a degree at UCLA, on full athletic scholarship, and describes winning a National Championship alongside her teammates in 2010, as the highlight of her athletic career.  Through her two decade journey in this sport she has developed a passion for hard work, commitment, and respect.  Having been a part of Kips for so many years, she brings a longstanding knowledge of what this organization represents, and all that it is capable of being.  She believes that success is achieved through the efforts of a team who plays to their individual strengths, working towards a united vision.

Aisha Godbout

General Manager

Cj Pedwell

C.J. has been at the Kips since 2009 as a parent and then staff member, and has a love for teaching, children and gymnastics. This combined with her motivation to create a positive work environment where everyone, staff and athlete, can succeed, has led to her position as Rec Director as of 2017. C.J. has two decades worth of experience with children of all ages and abilities, including those with exceptional needs, and gets her energy from the many wonderful people she interacts with daily.
Recreational  Program Director

Meet Kips Managment Team

Jess Fylyshtan

Camps and Special Event Director

Alex Schlossser

Women's Artistic Head Coach & Program Director

Tyler Douwes

T&T Head Coach & Program Director

Shannon M

Office Administrator